Large Cicada brooch  HISTO-REPLIK PREMIUM

Large Cicada brooch of the Migration Period. The replica is a very detailed and authentic cast  of an

original brooch . The cicada brooch is equiped with an authentic pin construction on the backside,

made of bronze wire.

Bronze , app. 57 x 43 mm. 

  Cicada brooches are  popular between the 3th and  the 6th century, single pieces date back even

to the 7th century. After the discovery of the Childerich grave dating to the late 5th century with numerous

cicada applications, the Childerich "bees" became even a symbol of Napoleon Bonaparte's coat of arms.

Because of their singing, the cicadas were associated with the god of music, Apollo. The subterranean

transformation (metamorphosis) into a flying insect also made the cicada a symbol of youth and rebirth.

Large Cicada brooch HISTO-REPLIK PREMIUM

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