The medallion of the moon goddess Luna is based on a  well preserved original piece . 

A comparative finding of a Luna medallion of gold with an eyelet and a decorative border was auctioned

at the auction house Christies for $ 20,000 in 2008.

In our reconstruction, we therefore equiped the Luna medallion pendant with a beaded ornament and

a chain eye. The Luna medallion is very detailed and a real jewel for friends of ancient culture and

mysterious symbols . 

Luna had a temple on the Aventine and as Luna Noctiluca " Illuminator of the Night "  a sanctuary on the

Palatine Hill in Rome . Her symbol was the crescent moon,  numerous amulets and pendants have been

preserved from ancient time .  Luna was  the protector of women and children.

But as an "illuminator of the night," she was also the guardian goddess  of hikers and travelers.

Bronze , diameter 36mm , incl. leather thong


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