Gotland box brooch

At Gotland  about 850 specimen of  box brooches from the viking age have been found . They were a

precious part of dress and used to close a heavy cloak . Sometimes the box brooches were used to

deposit objects like coins, wool, organic substances or parts of fabric for unknown purposes.

Our replica is a box brooch of tpe 7, which comprise about 50 finds of extraordinary quality. The box

brooch is made in 2 parts (body and bottom) , while the bottom is highly decorated in germanic animal

style . The gotland box brooch is made by hand from solid bronze, with a modest patina to accentuate

the decorations. The pin is also decorated and hardened to assure the full function like it was at the viking age.

Bronze , diameter  app. 60 mm, the height 50 mm, weight approx. 200 g

Gotland box brooch

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