Viking sword with scabbard , Ulfberth 4 , Battle-Ready

This battle-ready replica of a 10th c. Viking sword is the result of our own extensive research and

swordsmithing work. Our objective was first to create a reconstruction, which would later serve as a

model for a serial production of both a sharpenable decoration sword and a blunt, battle-ready one.

The sword is largely modeled on original archaeological finds as described in relevant specialised


However, the shape and length of the blade as well as the dimensions of the handle section have been

adjusted to fit the size of today's men and women and to meet the demands of modern stage fighting /

combat reenactment.

Swords of this type are classified as Petersen Type S or Wheeler Type III. The hilt's design is based on the

combination type 10 according to Geibig's typology.

This Viking sword is exclusively crafted by hand. The blade is forged out of EN45 spring steel,

oil-hardened and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of approx. 48-50 HRC. It features a distinctive broad

fuller which not only makes for high flexibility, but also reduces weight. The blade is full-tanged and riveted

to the pommel. The point and cutting edges are blunt and rounded. The cross guard is forged out of

steel and the wooden grip is wrapped in leather.

Delivery includes a wooden scabbard covered in leather and featuring a throat and a chape made of

silver-plated brass, both richly adorned and true to the original style of the era.


-Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-B Swords belonging to the second category SK-B are also made from

high-quality steels, however they are not as hard as category A swords and during a fight with a harder

blade notches can occur a lot easier. They are fairly well balanced but might weigh a few grams more.

They are the ideal blades for the ambitious beginner as well as for the advanced swordsman.

-    Hardness of the blade: min. 48 HRC
-    The material of the blade reaches up through the grip and is either riveted or screw fastened at the pommel
-    Blunt, also mostly rounded edge and rounded tip
-    Lightweight and easy to handle with a well balanced centre of gravity
-    No warranty


- Typology: Petersen Type S, Wheeler Type III

- Blade material: EN45 spring steel, oil-tempered

- Rockwell hardness: approx. 48-50 HRC

- Overall length: approx. 93.5 cm

- Blade length: approx. 75.5 cm

- Width at guard: approx. 4.2 cm

- Blade thickness: approx. 4 mm

- Point of balance: approx. 13 cm from the guard

- Cutting edge: approx. 2 mm, slightly rounded

- Weight: approx. 1100 g

- Incl. scabbard with silver-plated brass fittings

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

Viking sword with scabbard , Ulfberth 4 , Battle-Ready

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