Seal ring of the Knights Templar

This awesome ring is a replika of a ring  on display at the Archives Nationales in Paris.

The seal plate bears the inscription "Secretum Templi" (secret seal of the Knights Templar) in mirror writing ,

the sides are decorated with the words "Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici" (The Poor

Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon). The centre of the plate depicts a mythological

beast with the head of a rooster, armour, snake legs, shield and whip. This composite creature was very

popular at gem rings in ancient times, often accompanied with it´s name "Abrasax" or "Abraxas".  The One

with the snake legs (earth) and with rooster head (sun) can be seen as a god of light and time, creator of

the world and redeemer.  Some mystics call him the "god above god".
The cult of Abraxas as a depiction of god was created in ancient Egypt and popular until the Middle Ages

and even today . Some mystics call him the "god above god".

You can really seal with the seal plate .

Bronze , seal plate 3 x 2,3cm

Seal ring of the Knights Templar

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